Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moral Overflowing? Odunlade Avoids Being Kissed By A Female Fan

Would it have hurt to allow a fan who apparently adores you steal a quick kiss?
I don't know, but Odunlade's moral was probably at its peak when a female fan tried to kiss him at the Ikorodu edition of Globacom’s high octave concert, the Glo Slide ‘n’ Bounce, which took place at the Ikorodu Musical Village last Saturday.

The top actor in the Yoruba film industry, Odunlade mounted the stage, and as expected, he was welcomed with a loud ovation. He gave them a snippet of what he does in movies.
While performing, he pulled a lady on stage and she on her part tried to steal a quick kiss from Odun.
She got the shock and shame of her life when the actor turned his head and sharply avoided the kiss!

Should he have?

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