Saturday, September 26, 2015

Plastic Surgeons Are Scared For Kylie Jenner, Beg Her To Stop

Plastic surgeons have reportedly urged reality star Kylie Jenner to put a stop to the cosmetic surgeries on her face in order not to ruin her life and face.

Her plastic surgeon, Dr. Tony Youn, tells Radar Online; “Kylie Jenner unfortunately appears to have had way too many fillers injected into her cheeks and lips and they appear completely unnatural, as they are out of proportion to the rest of her face,”

“I suspect that she’s had several syringes of filler injected into her lips, maybe even as many as 10 syringes,” he added.

“Hopefully the appearance that we are seeing is temporary swelling…If not, then I STRONGLY recommend that she stop treatments before it is too late.”

“This could turn into a major problem for her and she will end up ruining her face!”, admitted Dr. Youn, who has not worked on Kylie.

Another surgeon, Dr. Susan Evans, believes that the reality star has “been injected with the longer lasting hyaluronic acid that increases volume…Her lips are so big now that it has created a fold from her nose to the corners of her lips.”

One Dr. Evans, who has also not worked with Kylie, says the procedures have left her looking “over-done and significantly older. It’s a good thing that American-approved fillers don’t last forever.”

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