Thursday, September 24, 2015

We Know Who And What To Believe: Saraki Denies Being Stoned

The internet has been ablaze all day as news of Senate president Saraki's ordeal was revealed. Not only that, his media aide confirmed it through a series of tweets as he blamed the 'miscreants' who attacked dignitaries including Saraki at the praying ground.

According to Omisore, the 'miscreants' blamed the dignitaries for owing them salaries amongst other complaints.
Meanwhile, eyewitnesses confirmed that there were shouts of 'ole! Ole!' As pure water sachets and stones were thrown at Saraki by the angry mob.

In a similar development, the police released a report that 8 hoodlums connected to the act had been arrested.

However, the Senate president has claimed that nothing of such happened.
In a statement released:
"We want to say that nothing can be further from the truth as the Senate President was never attacked nor was there any attempt made on his life to warrant him being ‘whisked away’ as reported by a section of the media.

“We however observe that there was a protest allegedly staged by local government employees over purported non-payment of salaries which hoodlums attempted to hijacked but this development was immediately curtailed by security agents.

“Therefore, to say that the Senate President was attacked at the venue of the prayers is totally false and a figment of the imagination of those behind the story because the protest was never targeted at him, neither was any missile hurled at him,”the statement said.

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