Monday, February 29, 2016

Gaffed Or Right; A Study Of Iyabo Ojo's Post Caption

No doubt the actress was in a happy mood when she shared this picture on her IG page. I’ve heard in recent times that decisions are risky when you’re angry, too happy or too excited…I want to believe the same goes for post captions.
Someone actually called my attention to this post caption, requesting to know if the sentence: “Its all but love for Tayo Sindodo” is grammatically correct.
The individual actually asked if it is ‘grammatically correct'

Well, checkout the sentence again and see if there’s anything wrong with the sentence, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It only depends now on meaning. Semantics. What did she mean to say. “We love you” or “We don’t love you”

Now, as correct as the sentence is grammatically, a proper dissection of the same sentence might give the wrong meaning. See what I mean:
Its all(everything) but love (minus love) for Tayo Sindodo…

If this is the meaning she intended, then not only is she grammatically correct, she has also made sense semantically.

Meanwhile, checkout this similar sentence: Its nothing but love for Tayo Sindodo… let’s dissect this sentence and see what we have.
Its nothing (we have nothing) but love (only love) for Tayo Sindodo. Something tells me this was the meaning Iyabo Ojo intended… just a word and we can mix it all up and destroy intentions.

To that curious individual who sent me the shot, I’m sure you now know. Simply put, as far as meaning and intention are concerned, the sentence is incorrect. However, grammatically, it is a correct sentence.

Now, as for me, I’ve got NOTHING but love for Iyabo Ojo Fespris…hope she understands.

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