Thursday, March 10, 2016

Former Head Of State Accepts Love Child 48 Years After... They Look Alike!

It was certainly a happy day in the life of Musa Gowon whose father former Nigerian Head of State Yakubu Gowon acknowledged to have fathered after a paternity test confirmed this putting an end to the paternity dispute of 48 years.

According to reports Musa son of Princess Edith Like returned to Nigeria only last year after having served 23 years in the US prison for offences related to drugs. Musa who has an uncanny resemblance to his estranged father however sort his father out.

 In a statement issued yesterday, Gen. Gowon, now 81 nevertheless asked for privacy after a very difficult period.

He said: “Following years of doubts and speculation, a DNA test was recently conducted to ascertain the paternity of Musa Gowon, who recently returned to the country. ”The results of the tests were conclusive, and they confirm him. We, the family, are working to assist in his rehabilitation following a very difficult period in his life. ”As we look forward to the future with faith in God, we request that our privacy be respected.”

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