Monday, March 14, 2016

God's Love And Nature: First Part

( Featured Article; not written by La'bos)
I remember the words of that children song that says “God’s fingerprints are so everywhere, just to show how much He cares” and I find myself in utmost amazement at the wonder of God whose name and nature is LOVE.

If in a bid to describe God the world’s famous compendium says “God is love” that means it might be considered highly redundant especially by linguists, grammarians, and semantists because it will mean “Love is love”.

However grammatically infelicitous that may sound, it still cannot alter the idea that God is everywhere and in everything. I see God in the bleating sheep, in the buzzing bees, in the roaring lions, in the braying donkeys, in the neighing and galloping horses, in the trumpeting elephants, in the grunting pigs, in the croaking frogs, in the hissing snakes, in the twittering birds, in the howling wolves, in the cascading waterfalls, in the beautiful horizon, in the rising and the setting of the sun, in the well-formed greenery, in the climate, and in the magnificent galaxy.

These series of revelations are not meant just to leave you gaping in awe-struck wonder at the boundless, irrepressible, and sensational nature of God, but to give you noticeable proofs and verifications that God in sundry times and moments, before the foundations of the world were laid, has always and will always display His Love for you in every form possible.

I implore you to visit this blog and read this section meditatively and expect that even when your eyes are firmly shut, God’s Love for you still lingers.


Article written by David Jagboro

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