Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"I Am Not Fine" ESE Oruru Tells Journalist

In an exclusive chat with a Punch correspondent last night, Ese who was allegedly abducted eight months ago, revealed that although she was glad to be home, she wasnt fine. Read the chat when you continue. Meanwhile, ESE will make the official journey back to Bayelsa today with her parents who couldnt leave with her last night.

She said, “Hello,” and laughed when our correspondent spoke to her.
“How are you?” Our correspondent asked. She laughed and replied ‘Fine.”
“We are glad you are safe and on your way back home.”
“Who is this,” she asked.
“How was your journey?”
“We have not started the journey, maybe tomorrow,” she said, probably referring to the onward trip to Bayelsa.
“Hope they treated you well and you are fine?”
“I am not fine,” she said curtly.
She replied, “When I come we should see. I don’t know you.”
“I will be looking forward to meeting you,” our correspondent replied.

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