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Labosonline Short Story: The vendetta II

Their relationship had been beautiful, the actress and the journalist…until Ella had allowed greed to take over. Until she had reached for a height that fell her and took her life.

John had always known Ella would ask for more, more than he could give at that moment, he saw it in her eyes when it started. Her colleagues were living the life, and she wanted to be a part if it. The luxury cars, the designer bags and shoes… John had seen the hunger in her eyes and had been scared.

That was how Ella met Senator Willy! At a function actually and a senior colleague in the industry had made the introductions.
She told him. Yes, they had been very close.
“Ella, you can’t be serious. He wants nothing than to sleep with you. You know that I’m sure” The look in her eyes revealed something as he said those words to her, but he had chosen to ignore the look and believe what she had said instead…

“ John, of course I know that. Ultimately, it leads to sex. I’d be crazy to pretend otherwise. But I can handle this. Believe me, I’ve got this. You know old men don’t appeal to me…” she said
“What do you want to do?” John had asked not sure of what else to say.
“Well, I just plan to befriend him briefly, see if he can help me with some endorsements” she had laughed when she said that
“ This face is wasting away” she joked and john's heart skipped many beats. He was going to loose Ella, one way or the other. If he hadn’t lost her already.

It happened earlier than he thought, she simply drifted away and shut him out. He had swallowed his pride, begged her on her knees even as she continued to flaunt her new beau in his eyes. She said it was over and he knew it was. He had loved her for seven years!

He was still nursing his ache when she came to him one day.
“John I’m pregnant” she had thrown at him without preparing him. It was like holding him down and forcefully feeding him dung.
“Ella?” was all he could say
“I’m sorry. I wanted to be the one to tell you. Wouldn’t like you to read it on some blog…actress expecting senator’s baby…or whatever they chose to write” she laughed and John's pupils dilated.
“You are carrying his child?” he whispered his voice almost inaudible. She nodded. She was glowing, her beauty almost painful to look at. John's eyes watered unexpectedly. He had rehearsed countless times how he’d feel if she got pregnant for him. Somehow, he had known she was too good to be real. He was just a humble journalist.

“Are you marrying Willy? Is that it? You want me to write about it? Is that why you’re here? You want me to help you publicize this?” John was furious and his voice rose with every question.
Ella saw his anger and smiled. John, her dear John, how ironic…there was actually a poem like that ‘dear John’ or was it a song?
“No John, he doesn’t want to marry me” she said, looking serious.
“I plan to make him” she added
“How? Why?” John had been stupefied.
“He wants me to get rid of the pregnancy, but I won’t, I can’t!” she cried. John was angry. Why had she done this to herself?
“Ella why?”
“I will see him tomorrow and tell him what I have decided. He has to take it and live with it. He has presidential ambitions you know… I’m having his child. I could be the first lady one day” she laughed lightly. John could see she was afraid. Had Willy threatened her?

The Senator was divorced with only a child who lived with her mother in the US, but he was not the type of man you’d choose to mess with. The public called him ‘ the rock’ how Ella got him was still a mystery to many. Bloggers called them The Beauty and The Beast….but he had good looks.
“Be careful” was all he said and again she laughed.
“I know Willy, he doesn’t like the media. I could even scare him  by telling him my big brother who is a journalist knows about it”
“No” John had screamed “ You must not do that!”
“ok” she had shrugged and left. But John could bet his life that that was exactly what she had done. He could also bet that it got her killed.
He would expose Willy, with or without his paper's support.

Bose Bamidele

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