Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Toyin Aimakhu Or Mercy Aigbe, Who Is The Better Actor?

They are both lovely actors, intelligent role interpreters I call them. They are both beautiful and in the same genre of entertainment. Its been argued that Toyin is a better actor than her counterpart Mercy, but some will put their money on the MAG Diva CEO any day.

Let’s have some fun, between Toyin Aimakhu and Mercy Aigbe Gentry, who do you think interprets her role better. In other words, who is the better actress… Ballot time, vote!


Unknown said...

Bose, ofcourse it is Toyin. Take it or leave it, she is brilliant in her choosing career but in terms of better real life personalty, its Mercy Aigbe.

Anonymous said...

toyin, it is. she acts well and can take up any role. i give it to her

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