Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Afrocandy Threatens To Stop Posting Nudes- Who Is Sad?

Earlier today, New York based porn star Judith Afrocandy assaulted our visions with a photo she shared on her Instagram page.
The picture was a total nude except for two tiny stars covering her nipples.
This is not the first time the former Nollywood actor would do such.
However it seems someone has had enough of her and the visual assaults. Apparently she was reported and Instagram too down the picture with a stern warning.

As a form of clapback, Afrocandy threatens to stop posting nudes on her IG page as soon as she gets her mobile app.
Her loyal fans who sleep and wake on her page, refreshing every now and then will probably miss her and her photos.
The truth is most of us are glad that our eyes can roam about on Instagram without the fear of running into things we would rather not see.


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