Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dear Davido And Wizkid, How Long Does It take To Cook a 'Collabo'?

Lovers of good music and entertainment will always remember Saturday July 18 2015 a night where the strong 'beef' between two of Nigerians great superstars Davido and Wizkid seemingly came to an end. It was the 2015 MTV awards.
The two young and successful stars were pictured together throwing the industry and their fans into a frenzy as their new friendship was witnessed by all. Then they gave us the shocker; they promised us a collaboration! That night was indeed a night of miracles.

If we can recall correctly, the much anticipated collaboration between these two is long overdue. They tweeted excitedly about it and we waited with the same amount of excitement, even more. Only to be disappointed
From our calculation, its been over a year since the promise; how long does it take to cook a song? Seriously, how longer do we have to wait for this 'great hit'?
Is their something going on underground that we don't know of?
Is is that despite their public show of friendship and camaraderie, there is still an undertone of territorial dispute?

Probably they have not agreed on the type of song to sing; putting into consideration that the world is waiting and giving us something not worth the wait would be an epic fail.
We won't let you guys be until you drag yourselves into the nearest studio and quench our thirst. Make it Raggae, make it Afro/hiphop, Rhythms and blues, in fact make it Juju or Apala, we are ready to take it. Just give us a collabo!


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