Friday, November 11, 2016

I Hope My Wife Gives Me A Divorce And I Hope I Find Love Again- Yomi Fabiyi

It is the dream of every one who embarks on a marital journey to live happily ever after, however this is not the case for talented Nollywood actor and producer Yomi Fabiyi.

The Metomi producer who recently bagged another award has opened his heart in a new Instagram post to address his relationship with his British wife Fran Fabiyi.

Yomi who attributed the sad turn of the marriage to a great misunderstanding confirms that he is presently in the UK now to proceed with the divorce.

According to Yomi, the marriage which is in its forth year has failed because he wouldn’t live abroad and his wife would not agree to live with him in his country after promising to do so during the courtship.

Only for the British woman to change her mind and seek instead that Yomi relocates and finds another life in the UK.
“I have an absolute right to do what pleases me if it is not illegal, immoral or anti social” Yomi said referring to the negative comments thrown his way.

“I hope I find love again as I push for a hit-free divorce” he concluded
We hope so too...

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