Friday, November 18, 2016

If Kate Henshaw Ever Loses Interest In Acting, She Can Always Be A Fitness Instructor.

Nigerian celebrities have also taken fitness as serious as their white counterparts; before now, looking good was restricted to fashion and style, no one really considered fitness as part of the business. Today however, our celebrities know that there is more to fashion than what covers the body.
One celebrity that has not ceased to shock us is ace actress Kate Henshaw. The beautiful and super talented diva has taken fitness to a whole new level. Her Instagram page is a site for followers of fitness instructions.

 The undaunted actress who really gives little care about what people say about her has turned her Instagram page to a fitness class of sorts. She posts pictures daily of herself in the gym working out vigorously every morning.

Fans have to beg Kate at times to see a picture of her without working out. Sometimes she obliges them and gives them what they want, but obliges herself more with more work out pictures.
Recently she posted a video of herself dancing vigorously and sweating profusely while working out.
Sometimes we think its too much, but when we see Kate all geared up on the red carpet, we think it is really worth it. Madam Kate Henshaw is not just fit but ageless and stunning in all regards.

A quick one to her fans; Kate is a strong woman and totally determined. Don’t try some of her stuffs at home though, you might end up bent and not fit. Thumbs up to madam Kate. Fit in mind and body.

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