Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lil Kesh And Toyo Baby Finally Set To Meet: Read What Really Happened!

If you have heard Lil Kesh' latest single, #Eyesyou, you would have heard the reference to actress Olayode Juliana popularly known as Toyosi in Jenifa's diary series.

When Lil Kesh started the hash tag #eyesyou, thoughts flowed in our minds, clean and dirty thoughts alike. Little did we know that the pretty actress was about to get a mention in the singer's song.

Sadly however, it took Toyo baby 25 days to notice this reference to her. An indication that she does more of Frank Edwards than Lil Kesh. However, it happened, and the actress acknowledges this on Instagram giving the singer a shout for the mention.

Then, she stated that they would see soon. What a meeting it would be.



Jacob Akpene said...

Meet and talk na

Jacob Akpene said...

Meet and talk na

Unknown said...

i think lil kesh is really in love

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