Friday, November 25, 2016

Meet Nikkyberry, The Girl Who Would Have Enjoyed One Of Seun Egbegbe 'Goodies'

The picture of this young lady and Seun Egbegbe just surfaced online. Apparently, this is Egbegbe's newest catch. The lady shared this loved up photo of herself and 'bae' on her IG page on Tuesday before the robbery incidence with the caption; 'Safe journey dear'... Whoever was in charge of answering prayers that day did not listen to Nikkyberry as Seun Egbegbe had an unsafe journey that landed him behind bars.

Unfortunately for Nikkyberry, her career on Instagram ended as swiftly as it began for the lady has locked her IG account to avoid prying eyes. Insiders believe Nikky would have been rewarded with a brand new iPhone 7 had the operation not meet its doom.

Meanwhile Seun Egbegbe still has a case to answer in the court of law as fresh allegations arise!

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