Monday, November 14, 2016

Reasons Why We Won't Stop Loving Funke Akindele...

While some may dwell on the first impression they've had or heard of Funke Akindele, which might not be nice in their books, this article might want to dwell on the Funke we have only encountered from afar, a Funke whom we only see on our screen.
Considering this Funke, what we have is a brilliant actress and a goal-setter.
A trained Lawyer who has branded herself in the industry as a force to be reckoned with.

The multiple award winning role interpreter depicts even the silliest of roles so well that sometimes, she steals the show from the lead characters in the end.
She doesn't come across to me as a funny person, but somehow, she has become a comic character; not just with the popular JENIFA flick, but with several other roles in scores of movies.
With every gesture, you see a comedian of sort...the left hand gestures, the twist of lips and the baring of teeth, not to forget the way her eyes role when she drives home point to her colleagues on set.funke-akindele-and-jjc-skillz
No doubt, Funke is talented and brilliant too, I am yet to see the rumored aloof personality show in her role deliveries (yes, we've heard that a temper lies beneath...I have not seen.)
Some of us don't know what/who she is outside her roles but we love the fact that we don't know.
She is one of the few Nollywood divas who have lured us to continue trusting the industry...
As much as I initially frowned at the thought of Jenifa becoming a drama series, now I find myself grabbing for the TV remote most evenings, Sunday evenings especially!!!
We commend her dexterity in MAAMI! Still my favorite of all times.
Madly superb!
Crazily brilliant. An all new Funke...funke-akindele
Not to forget that Funke Akindele is one actress who rose faster than she fell. Her first marriage to Almaroof Oloyede crashed so suddenly that many feared that the actress might not be able to rise again as far as matrimony was concerned.
Funke shocked everyone when she re-entered matrimony with a new vigor by marrying artiste JJC, an indication that she is indeed a strong woman who is never daunted by past failures or disappointments.
Wonders upon miracles, Funke hasn't even bleached her skin! Isn't that rare!
Kudos to Funke Akindele Bello. We really can't help but love and respect her.

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