Monday, November 28, 2016

See The Four Makeup Artistes Who Sculpt Our Celebs Faces!

Our darling celebrities have always stunned on and off the red carpet with captivating faces, sultry looks and at times even fierce and daring looks.
Some celebs are risk takers who would try out a new Make Up Artiste for every different event while some are so attached to some particular MUAs and are often scared of stepping out of their boxes.

The salient MUAs who have stayed ahead of their game giving entertainers great looks are quite numerous; however these four Make Up Artistes are not just good but are exceptional.

Little wonder why some entertainers will not go out of their box to try out other talented MUAs.

Joyce Jacob Beauty: JJB Joyce Jacob is a Lagos based beautician and Make Up Artist who has excelled in the art of 'face painting'. Her dexterity with the brush is so subtle that it is hard to differentiate between the natural and the unnatural. Her brows are one of the most natural brows in the industry. Entertainers like Tiwa Savage have stamped JJB as theirs. Tiwa Savage seldom uses other MUAs. According to her, she is used to Joyce's brush. You cant blame her, the end results are always superb!
Other entertainers who have used the services of JJB include singers WAJE and Omawunmi.

Oshewa Make Up: Shewa is another Lagos based makeup artiste whose brush precedes her all the time. Her fingers are so swift with the brushes that her bridal touch is one of the most celebrated in the industry. Brides fall over themselves to get her services. She is one of the best MUAs when it comes to fixing gele. Entertainers and celebrities have discovered this gold plated MUA and adopted her as their personal MUA. Celebrities like Lilian Esoro, April Olakunbi, Faithia Balogun and others.

Bebe Omagbemi Bibyonce: Based in Lagos, Bebe is a sculptor of the face. It is very easy to see a Bibyonce and immediately recognize it. Her lips are one in town, there is a sharp edge to the way she sculpts the lips of her clients. That could easily pass as her signature. Celebs easily put themselves in her chair in total trust of her deft fingers. Caroline Ekanem Danjuma has once said that Bibyonce is the only MUA she trusts to do her face when she feels too lazy to do it. No doubt, she is great and gives our celeb the same amount of greatness. Anna Ebiere, Faithia Balogun and others have tried her out and were obviously quick to share their excitement on Instagram!

Oluchi Onuigbo: It would be a sin to write this article without mentioning Oluchi Onuigbo whose artistic intelligence as far as face painting is concerned has been noticed by all and sundry. The Lagos based MUA got the Eloy Award for MUA of the year days ago in recognition of her prowess on the faces of celebs like Rita Dominic, Dakore Egbusan Akande and others.
Next time you see a beautiful celebrity and you compliment her beautifully painted face, stop to give a thought for the painter behind the look.


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