Sunday, November 27, 2016

Strange Illness Eats Up This Pretty Lady's Hand...Help Needed Urgently (Graphic Photo)

The pretty lady in this picture is 22 years old. Mary Ann is suffering from a strange disease called a congenital arteries and veins malformations of the hand AVM.
According to the young lady, it started as a tiny wound until it became a big sore. Right now, some of her fingers have been cut off to avoid further spreading. (Graphic photos below)

Doctors have said the only way to stop the spread is by amputation.
Mary Ann needs not just funds but prayers as her Doctors said amputation does not even guarantee total healing.
Young Mary is an aspiring journalist and an upcoming VJ whose beautiful life has been put on hold by the dreadful disease.
"I don't want to loose my hand" she cries out even as she prepares to sign the release form on Monday.

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