Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tekno's Love Post About Genevieve: A Confession Or A Proposition?

In case you missed it, Pana crooner Tekno  who has arguably the most popular cassava in the entertainment industry confessed an undying an everlasting love to much older actress Genevieve Nnaji via his Instagram page last night."My love for you will never die..." he wrote.

To man, the confession probably was just a joke or a childhood secret crush finally making itself known. Whichever way, for Tekno to have openly declared such on his IG page with over one million followers has more meaning than we realize.

The artiste probably feels of age now and ready to declare to the actress that he is indeed in love with her, or can we say this is a proposition to Aunty Genevieve? Thankfully, both parties are still single and can grab this opportunity while it lasts.

We cant help but ask how Tekno would feel if Genny wakes up tomorrow and posts a picture of 'Mr Cassava' with a caption like "I'm in love with you too", without doubt, Tekno would be in the highest heavens. We love when not reciprocated does to the heart, Aunty Genny, please show some mercy.

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