Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Benita Okojie We Knew 18 Years Ago...See Photo

Close to two decades ago, the young and old fell in love with child singer Benita Okojie. She was our Sunday tonic when she released her first album which had popular track 'Osemudiamen'.
I bet many of us do not even remember what she looked like back then. Benita Okojie released her album "Child of Grace"to the delight of her many fans. The idea that a young girl could hold her own as a musician was enough to endear us to the singer.

Today, we don't get to see Benita Okojie that much, many would not even recognize the Child of Grace even if they collided into her.benita-okojie2
Benita has grown into a very beautiful young woman and we can't help but reminisce on the days when she was barely ten and serenading us with her childlike but melodious voice.
Beautiful before and after photos of Benita we must say!

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