Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Many Faces Of Toyin Lawani: Tiannah's Place Empire

Toyin lawani is not a stranger in the nation as far as st yling and fashion are concerned. She is one of the best things to happen to the fashion industry especially when kit comes to packaging our celebrities and giving them the red carpet look.
This stylist has a way of putting everything together to achieve perfection or near perfection. Her styles can be easily spotted in a crowd of styles, that is how different she is. Celebrities who want the edgy yet classy styles know who to turn to.
However, that is not all there is about the woman called Toyin Lawani. Toyin Lawani is the perfect description of diversification! An entrepreneur with a zeal and vigor that is questionable. You can not help but question her strength and her drive.

Many know Ms. Lawani as a fashionista, but there is more to this mother of two. Asides putting fabrics and sequence together, Tiannah as her brand is called is indeed multi faceted.

Tiannah The Beautician: Toyin Lawani has a range of natural skin beauty products which she even models herself to show her fans and followers the result of the range. She mixes the ingredients herself, then packages and sell to her trusting clients. Surprisingly, the testimonies come in in numbers, many celebrities have endorsed her beauty products, ditching some international secrets for Tiannah's secret. 

Tiannah The Photographer: You probably did not know that Toyin Lawani has a photography studio. The do it all entrepreneur styles her clients, then goes ahead to direct a video shoot right in her own photo studio. Meanwhile, she does not sit back and watch her staff do the job, she stays right in the middle of it all, fixing, pulling and screaming. All in the name of perfection.

Tiannah Salon And Make up studio: If you can have one, why not have it all? Tiannah runs a make up studio and a high class salon where she tends to her clients hair and face. While Toyin is not in charge of barbing or fixing hairs, she is still in charge as she would not let a client go unsatisfied.

Tiannah The Cook: Have you heard of AmalaDotCom? A restaurant that serves all sorts of local delicacies.That is also one of Tiannah's doings. This woman will never stop at one means of income, she did not stop at two either. She is driven by a force we don't even understand.

Tiannah The Estate Agent: Well, by now you understand what we are talking about. Toyin Lawani is also into the business of helping clients to find apartments, she builds houses to lease or sell and also  does renovations.

Now, pray tell us, how does one woman do all these and stay at the top? Do not forget that Toyin is a single mother of two children, meaning she is solely in charge of her children's upbringing.
Whatever you know of Toyin Lawani, add this to it: she is a hell of an entrepreneur.

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