Monday, November 28, 2016

The Slits Are Going Higher And 'Things' Are Spilling... (Photos)

Slits have been in fashion for ages. hence it is not a new trend or a new style... Celebrities from all over the world have however brought a new dimension into the slit trend. The slits are getting higher everyday.
Stylists are getting more daring everyday with the scissors slicing inches upon inches to achieve their new goal of high slits. Some slits are so daring that the wearer shows not just legs but some parts that are considered sacred.

The most daring slit we have seen in recent times is Chrissy Teigen's look to the AMAs last week. Her slit was so high that all parts of her great body spilled over the internet all week. Fashion critics have described her look as not just inappropriate but slutty.
Nigerian celebrities will not be left out of this daring trend as their slits are also getting higher and higher by the day. Legs are spilling, inner thighs spilling and all that.

Last weekend,Toke Makinwa's outfit to her book launch sparked a light outrage as she was considered inappropriately dressed for the occasion.  Media critic Kemi Olunloyo out rightly called her dress slutty and compared her to model  Chrissy Teigen.
A closer look at revealed that these are not just the celebs who have stepped out in this daring look. Toyin Aimakhu, Mercy Aigbe, Stephanie Coker Aida Aisien, Lilian Esoro, Eva Alodiah, Selena Gomez and many more celebrities nationally and internationally.

Some of the slits are just high while others are outrageously high. Some are slightly daring while some are frighteningly daring as we get scared for the wearers. We get peeks into sanctuaries we have no right seeing.
Truth be told, some of these celebs look really great and have great bodies that flatter their style but some are just following the trend and obviously do not feel comfortable in what they are wearing.
Well, all we can say is let the slits go higher!

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