Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This Past Week Has Taught Me That You Only Know Yourself- Lilian Esoro

Actress Lilian Esoro and Music mogul husband Ubi Franklin have been going back and forth with innuendos for about three weeks since after their first year wedding anniversary.
The media went gaga with speculations that their marriage had hit troubled waters, surprisingly, neither of them denied these assumptions or speculations as we called them.

The mother of one has given us another reason to believe that it is true after all what the public has speculated. Her last post shows us what the nollywood actress has been going through these past week in the hands of family, friends and even we the strangers.
Thankfully however, she is not letting these things get to her...
  • This past week I have learned and finally understood the meaning of dis saying "you only know yourself" people (family,strangers,'friends) will talk, n even judge you like they are God. hate on you, crucify you, set meetings with others just to run you down, spit on you, your picture, esteem and set it ablaze.... Humans.... they #Think they own your life, #Naaaaaa still i #Rise n remain #Focused, #Calm and #Smiling through it all. #Life is Good 💃🏼 #LILIGOLDHAIR


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