Thursday, November 17, 2016

Top 3 Photogenic Female Celebrities in Nollywood

Sometimes, their pictures make us want to swoon. We stare endlessly into their glossy faces in admiration  and sometimes envy; wishing it was our face staring back.
They have the perfect  camera look, we have also heard that cameras fall in love with them.
Every angle is their angle, you can never catch them in a bad picture. Yes we have them in abundance  in the entertainment  industry;

Our top 3 are

Rita Dominic: This is one ageless actress who inspires our poses and selfies.  Stylish to the letter, with a fashion sense that stands out effortlessly at all times and occasions.  We have to give to Rita Dominic to come out shinning in pictures. Be it a selfie or a shoot, she glows... The actress has an archive of pictures that would rival a Hollywood  star’s.

Mercy Aigbe: You can’t mention them without bowing for this Instagram  star. Mercy Aigbe Gentry certainly  knows what to do before a camera. The right smile, the perfect look away pose, the serious look; she definitely  knows how to pull them off and produce a great effect. Stylish, very fashion conscious, beautiful,  Mercy Aigbe album would definitely  find its way to a bookshelf!

Rukky Sanda: Rukky, Rukky, Rukky, how many times did I  call thee? You can never look at her photo once and pass, you look, look again, then look again,  then screen grab for future looking! This actress oozes class, style and a sophistication that can not be rivaled. Her selfies are bad, her shoots are badder! If you know what I mean... She is also a great dresser whose dress sense is always top notch either dressed down or up.


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