Thursday, November 17, 2016

Toyin Aimakhu And Adeniyi Johnson Have Just Proved That True Love Never Dies!

These two estranged celebrity couple are giving us reasons to believe that true love never dies indeed. a dramatic display of what we can only call love!
It began when Johnson shared a post on his Instagram page reminiscing on a time when he almost lost his life due to depression and loneliness. According to the actor, it has been a year already and the grace of God has kept him standing.

 What we can deduce from the post considering the fact that the separation of the couple took place last year is that Mr. Johnson was referring to the estrangement from his wife Toyin.
Not surprisingly, Toyin also went to her page to rant about a liar who loves to deceive the people by pretending to be a saint. Her hashtags told stories that her caption did not, but we got the drift.
Our concern now is; if Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson have really moved on just like they keep tellingb us, why the constant reference to their time together? From all indication also, one is trailing or stalking the other since they aren't following each other on the pages.

Are we right if we say that this celebrity couple are looking for each others attention? Would it be wrong to hope for a reconciliation and settlement sooner or later? We don't know, we just know that true love never dies and stalking that man/woman you love is one way to know.
We could be wrong though.

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