Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We Are Working On The Data Hike- Saraki Assures Nigerians

Last week, different service providers sent messages to their subscribers that the first day of December would not just be the beginning of a new month, but the beginning of an inflated data tariff.
Subsequent message from these providers indicated that the increment was way over what we expect as it was around 200% increase. This is not an increase as stated but a hike.
Nigerians could not hide their shock and displeasure at the insensitivity of these service providers and the NCC which initiated the hike.

The social medias especially Twitter has been set ablaze with series of opinions, reactions and memes.
Without wasting time, angry Nigerians have heaped the blame on the Buihari government siting this as another form of punishment.
However, in what we hope is a great news, the Senate president Senator Bukola Saraki has assured Nigerians that the Senate is working on the data hike. A hashtag is already trending on the social media as Nigerians have vowed to just stick to making calls.
Needless to say, a 200% increment is way too ridiculous. The government really has to consider the plight of the masses. It should also consider that this country, Nigeria is the only country where citizens suffer to get internet.
In many other parts of the world, data is like water.

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