Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We Miss Tope Alabi's Hits, They Seem To Have Disappeared With Ajanaku's Demise.

Lovers of talented gospel songstress Lady Evangelist Tope Alabi will agree that this is not the Tope we used to know. Thank God that we have her archives to fall back on otherwise we would have been left thirsty without hope of water.
A couple of years ago the war between the respected and well loved singer and her former spiritual father Prohet Ajanaku began. The war was dirty and skeletons peeped out of closets.
We don’t want to dwell on the battle but on one thing the late Ajanaku said before he dramatically passed away.

 When the battle was hot, the Prophet said in one of his interviews that he was Tope Alabi’s inspiration. He also said that if he decided then to leave her, her music would be over. He went as far as standing on his altar to say that he was taking back the glory he gave to her. For a while, we called it bluffs, how does a man give another man glory? We even asked if he was God?

As if Evangelist Tope Alabi read our minds, she openly criticized Ajanaku for claiming the glory of her wonderful music compositions and hit albums. According to her, God is her only inspiration. She is yet to convince us that this is the case. Before now, Tope Alabi’s tunes were not just popular to believers but to everyone, even pagans and atheist. We all found comfort in her songs. For every album, there were multiple hits and trending anthems!

We stand to be corrected, but nothing of such is happening anymore. Did Ajanaku die with the hits? Hits like Certificate, Angeli mi, Mori Yanu and Alagbara!
Where is the Tope Alabi we fell in love with? Many might want to claim that the singer has been busy with her tours, we agree; but on these tours, she goes back to her archives or plainly does popular worships.

Well, this is just our way of saying we miss the deep Tope Alabi, the one who was before the demise of ‘Olorun Ajanaku’!


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