Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When Did The 'Double Wahala' Crooner Oritsefemi Fall Ill?

We got  a great shock this morning when singer Oritsefemi shared a photo of himself lying ill in a hospital with a letter of apology to his beloved fans.
Our shock was not  borne out of nothingness  but it stemmed from various glaring facts.

The singer before now had been full of life after the Quilox brouhaha, he had even posted several pictured of himself after that day.
Note, a very hale and happy Oritsefemi.
He didn't stop there, he even had time to play the blame game and also to shade the owner of Quilox  club Shina Peller?
Is this another Skiibi  game?

From the look of things it seems  the singer is now afraid of the consequences  of  his previous  action  as the case is now a police case from all indications.

The location of the hospital is still a mystery, the nature of his sickness a greater mystery.
All we want to say is: get up from that bed and be a man!

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