Monday, November 21, 2016

When You Share A Made Up Face And Caption It: "Make up Free"

It is the new trend for celebrities to pose with a make up free face in attempts to show off spotless faces. However most of them still do some touch ups and still say its a make up free face.  Some apply foundation or concealers to conceal blemishes and in some cases, others filter the blemishes out of the picture.
Well, we really have no issues with them, you can do what you wish with your pictures but don't just lie in our faces like we are blind or something. Nollywood actress, Funke Adesiyan shared this picture of her supposedly bare face on Instagram and captions it: "when make up is overrated, nothing but Kajal on my face..."

Surprisingly, we see more than kajal on the actress' face. Her lips were not just glossed a pretty pink but lined too. In other words, this picture can not pass for a 'make up free' photo. You tried, but you can do better.
Definitely, we can't all be Alicia Keys, it takes a kind of supernatural intervention... #justjoking.

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