Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why I Chose Prostitution- Maheeda Shares Touching Story

We know Maheeda as a nudist or lets say a stripper who goes on Instagram to share naughty pictures and videos but most of us do not know her story. Maheeda shares a touching story of how her beginnings shaped all her life. According to Maheeda, she grew up from nothing, without parents and had to grow up in a club house with a prostitute.

The stripper who tried her luck sometimes back in music talks of her rape, her early pregnancy and her zeal to make it by hook or crook. We can't help but feel for Maheeda on this day her birthday.

Apparently, the pretty lady settled for a birth date since according to her, she does not know her origin.
Well, happy birthday to Maheeda!

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