Friday, December 23, 2016

Echoes From The Past: A Day With The Randy Alfa...

I started this tale a while ago but liver cut me and I stopped (lol)
If you never heard of this story, its about how I gullibly let an Alfa lure me to his den and tell me things... However I didn't tell you what happened ultimately.
I really should tell you now...
I sat smugly on the chair and watched as he made some calculations. He said he was calculating my birth chart. In my mind I was like "God warisdis?" But I said nothing and only watched.

He looked up finally and said "Whether you like it or not you are a great person. Even your birth chart is amazing"

I smiled as I said thank you and reminded him that I am presently not living the life of a great person. For a moment he looked at me like he was trying to look through me, I became uncomfortable and I became aware for the first time that I was alone with him in the house.

"Bose, what do you want?" He asked suddenly with a very serious tone.
Simple, I thought to myself and gently mouthed the word 'Peace'

" I want peace, I want to have peace in great doses... I have had enough turmoil to last my generation and my children's... Beg God for me, I want Peace of mind" I said earnestly

"You will get it" he said and smiled for emphasis...
"Amen" I replied.

"Do you have a partner?" He asked suddenly
"No I don't"
"You are not in any relationship?"
"No I'm not"
I remembered we already talked about it and I told him I wasn't in any relationship...
"There's something you must do and it requires a man..." He told me

"What " I asked him not wanting to know as I already feared the worst.
"You need to have sex for seven days" he declared and my mind fled.

I knew that somehow I was suffering for letting this man lure me there.... I began to shake like a jelly calling on the God of Abraham and the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

"How?" I managed to ask
"I swear by Allah that if you do this, you'll have the peace you crave" he told me

I silently wondered how sex would purge me of my troubles. How in God's name would I have sex for seven days? With different men or the same man? I didn't ask him these questions, they were silenced with my heartbeats.

"I can't" I told him
"Why?" He asked

"Erm...where do I find a man, remember I'm not seeing anyone" I told him, I really couldn't tell him what I was thinking.

"Oh, yes, I remember. What do we do? You really need to do fact you will see the result from the first day..." He told me and I mentally told myself that I don't need results. I wanted desperately to get out but I couldn't just run. I needed to be wise, so I just folded my arms and waited.

"OK...I will help you" he said with a big dramatic sigh.
"You will?" I asked, praising God that the Alfa had another solution.
"I will help you with the sex part... We can start today...its hard but I really want to help you"

My mouth opened and failed to close again...

To be continued...

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