Friday, December 30, 2016

Echoes From The Past: The Randy Alfa Episode (What I Did)

I could not believe what I just heard. So the reason this man lured me here was to sleep with me? And not even a one time fast quickie ( let's say I agreed).

He wanted me for all of seven days, in his bed? Wait, would I have to leave home everyday, dress up carry my bag and come here? Or would I 'kuku' stay with him for all of seven days, in case we needed extra rounds?

My heart began to beat with unmelodious sounds. I could hear the beats and I hated the sounds.
He was looking at me, waiting for a response.

Silently, I begged God. The God I know... "Forgive me, for once again I have erred"
I prayed for wisdom as I summoned the courage to look at him, but still avoid his eyes.
I was afraid he would jazz me and I would end up in his bed after all...

"Alfa" I began tentatively
"What exactly is expected to be the result of this sexual cleansing?" I asked him.

"Its a very hard task, especially for the man who sleeps with you...for seven days, while the sexual act is going on, you'll say the things you want. You will keep repeating it during the sex for seven days! Walahi talahi, the man who does this for you would be taking a great risk but I am willing to help you" he explained and I sighed and nodded elaborately.

So, while Alfa is humping me. I'd be saying "Jesus I want money, Jesus I want peace, Jesus... Or I wouldn't need to mention Jesus? Just scream peace o peace o"

I thought about just standing up and leaving but my spirit stopped me.

Instead, I looked at him and said : "thank you. Thank you very much! Can we begin tomorrow?"

He thought over it for a minute and said "the earlier the better, but if you want to start tomorrow, that's OK"

Oh, Alfa couldn't wait to rip off my red top abi? Cool.

"I'll come back tomorrow... What do you want me to bring?" I asked, expecting him to say Condoms, but he said "come with your faith"

Great! I have those in abundance.
So I left and cried all the way home as I begged God for pardon.

Till date I'm wary of Alfas even though I know the real ones are out there.
That was one tough phase in my life! But here I am, grateful...


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Rodney said...

Dats y I say La'Bos "u r good"
This is incredible... Keep it on babe

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