Monday, December 5, 2016

Falz And Simi: All These Chemistry Must Not Waste

Pictures are not just shots taken for the sake of memories, pictures capture more than what meets only the eyes.
Rapper Falz and singer Simi have proved to us that pictures do not just capture the face but the heart and soul of the object.

These two 'colleagues' have given us more than an eyeful of chemistry ladened pictures.

Although neither of the two has confirmed a romance either budding or otherwise, they have maintained that what they share stops with work.

Sincerely however, we think Falz and Simi ooze more Chemistry in their pictures than even a chemistry lab can boast of.
They look so good together that we can't help but wish they were together.

Either in just a shoot or on stage together, the intensity of their chemistry can be felt. No wonder they did the Chemistry song together, apparently, they feel what we think they feel.

A word of advice to Falz; if you have not closed the deal, and you have this feeling for Simi, we beg you to close the deal before this songstress friend zones you forever.


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