Monday, December 12, 2016

How Timaya Has Stayed Away From Scandal Successfully...

Timaya, the Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa is one of Nigeria's finest artiste. A dance hall king who has been able to stand the test of time, tune and beats. Timaya knows how to stay on his lane not necessarily joining that bandwagon and still produce something nice.
A father of two lovely daughters with a great fashion sense.

One thing that has however made itself known is that this talented singer has successfully stayed away from scandals in this recent times.
The artiste who was not always as squeaky clean as this has stayed away from social media dramas and even away from the blogosphere except when and where very necessary.

Well, it was not always like this, Timaya has had his own share of dramas, has had his name trending endlessly on the social media and blogs in the past.
Surprisingly, the artiste made a resolution (well, that is the most probable reason) and stood by it: to stay away from scandal.

If you are very familiar with the internet, Timaya's name has not always been and this clean and free. The father of two in the past had had a face off with a 'lady' in the USA splashing his name and integrity all over the media.

His past relationship with actress Empress Njamah did not end well either as there were reports of assault and more, this also splashed his name everywhere while it lasted.
Miraculously, Timaya's resolutions are working. He is practically without stories now, except of 
course for success stories and hits!

Yes Timaya is an unmarried father of two kids, but even his kids are from the same woman. He has promised not to have children from other women and he's been true to his words.
Obviously, a celebrity can stay without scandal if he puts his heart to it. It is a matter of determination and discipline.

All Timaya does not these days is: slay, make hits, represent brands and slay again!
He sure deserves an award, for if Timaya can tame himself, everyone can.

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