Saturday, December 24, 2016

If Sambisa Is Indeed Fallen, Where Are Our Girls?

The presidency and the Nigerian army have declared that the end of Boko Haram has come as the last camp of the deadly terrorist group in Sambisa has been invaded and taken.

According to President Muhammad Buhari, Boko Haram has finally been destroyed by the men of the Army. In his statement, he announced the fall of 'Camp Zero' the last camp of the terrorist group.

Meanwhile, after the President's statement, his spokesman Mr Femi Adesina, confirms that “there is no single place which we can say is the bulwark of the Boko Haram”.
“You know their last stand was within Sambisa forest which they had occupied for some time.

“The military entered into it fully, a while back, and they gave the target that by the end of December they wanted to be done with the issue of insurgency and on Thursday, December 22, camp zero fell and that is very significant”.

What is surprising and sad however is the absence of the abducted school girls despite the proclaimed end of their captors.
The girls would have being in captivity for three years by April 14 2017.
Of the over 200 abducted girls, only less than 70 have safely returned home to their families.

The last batch of 21 girls among the abducted Chibok girls rescued in October got back to Chibok, their ancestral home today for the first time since their abduction to join their families and friends in celebrating the 2016 Christmas.

The fate of over a hundred girls is still not known and it is particularly disturbing now that the end of Boko Haram has been announced by the the Presidency.
Where are our girls? Where could they be? 
These are questions we cannot respond to until they are safely returned to us.
If indeed Sambisa is fallen and Boko Haram is dead, what is the fate of our Chibok girls?

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