Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is Ice Prince Trying Out A New Cosmetic Range? We Think So...

The rapper shared a new picture on IG and something caught our attention, his knuckles...
We don't want to believe that ice prince has joined the body peeling gang, so we will just assume that the fault is from the new range of cosmetics that the rapper is trying out.

While skin peeling a.k.a bleaching is not new in the entertainment industry especially among the women, it is still quite unacceptable and we believe this talented Jos prince will not make this great error of changing his dark glowing skin to fit that of Majid Michel.

In case Ice Prince had not noticed before now, this is a call to action: that the new cosmetic range he is trying out has bleaching components. These knuckles are the proof.

We could be wrong though, maybe its just Jos' harsh weather!


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