Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Male Barbie Bobrisky Spotted In Lagos Traffic Sweating In A Rickety Car!

Just days after bragging about the generous N5,000,000 cash gift he recently got from  his mysterious Bae, an Instagram user has called out the Male Barbie on his pretentious life.

According to the user, he spotted the cross dresser laying low in a pencil light Camry car without Air conditioning. He claimed that Bobrisky was doing all his best to avoid been seen or recognized by anyone but he spotted him and brought out his phone to capture the moment which was quite difficult.

Bobrisky the self acclaimed queen or king of Snapchat had bragged just days ago that his Bae gifted him with N5m to take care of interior decorations in his Lekki home, Bobrisky even shared pictures of the new furniture's he got with the money.

However, if facts keep surfacing that Idris aka Bobrisky is living a less than luxurious life which is his claim, then the barbie doll is living a life of pretense and only pretending for the cameras.

The picture shared by the poster are not quite clear but we could make out Bobrisky's head and bleached contoured face.


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