Friday, December 16, 2016

Not A Presidential Wedding? Definitely A Royal Wedding! #ZAmed2016

The Chief Media person of the office if the President Alhaji Garba Shehu yesterday made several tweets disclaiming rumors that #ZAhmed2016 is a flamboyant affair that has probably gulped huge national funds. He says "it will not be a presidential wedding"

While Shehu went on to prove that the President is personally funding his daughter's wedding to Billionaire Ahmed Indimi, it is still expedient to point out that national or no national funds, a wedding between a president's daughter and a billionaire cannot be less than presidential!

So far, everything about the one week wedding has not been less than regal. From the shoots, to the Tea party/ bridal shower, the wedding ball, the kunshi for the bride, everything speaks royalty.
This is to be expected whether or not the national fund is involved.

The bride's mother Aisha Buhari is known to be a stylish, classy and no doubt an extravagant woman. Couple with the fact that the groom is a billionaire and the bride's father is the President, we expect a Presidential/Riyal wedding.
Zahra buhari
Access cards
Wedding ball cake
Zahra at her henna party

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