Wednesday, December 14, 2016

OAP Uche Agbai Proposes To Toke Makinwa, She Said Yes!

City FM OAP Uche Agbai was not just full of praise words for the women folk this morning but also full of gratitude to God for creating them and full of anger for the man who hurts them.

In an early morning post today, Uche took to his Instagram to enumerate all the qualities of a good woman and how the society frustrates her efforts whichever way.

According to Uche, after looking around especially in Nigeria, only one woman has all the traits he enumerated which includes ambition, intelligence, beauty, humility, respect and more... Only Toke Makinwa has all the qualities.

"Despite being through so much adversity, she has always found a way to turn it around for good..." He wrote.
"Therefore, I have chosen to love the imperfections of a successful woman like Toke Makinwa... So, Toke @tokemakinwa, will you marry me"

He asked and the seriousness was further confirmed by the fact that there were no smileys depicting humour or in seriousness.
Whether or not he meant it, Toke had the best response ever as she stepped into the comment section to ask for the ring!
A good sport that she is, she wrote "Oh wow! Where is the ring??? I'm so humbled... Yasssssss! Let the planning begin"

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