Sunday, December 11, 2016

Omawumi Publicly Begs For Waje's Forgiveness, See Waje's Response

Singer Omawunmi took to her Instagram page to publicly seek for fellow singer Waje's forgiveness.
Although the singer did not come out to say the cause of their rift, she implores everyone to beg Wake on her behalf.

In Omawunmi's post, she acknowledges that singer Waje is her bestie and she is even working on a song for her to show her love and loyalty.

Fans, friends and family stepped into the comment section to do Omawonder's bidding.

Fellow celebrities also stepped in, calling on Wake to forgive her friend although few wanted to know what really transpired.
Singer Waje also stepped into the comment section and her response was not insightful at all... She was neither here nor there in her comment as she simply wrote: 

We might never know what transpired, but we do know that these two are not enemies but best of friends.
No territorial dispute if that was what you were waiting for.
We like it when our stars are bffs!

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