Saturday, December 10, 2016

Simple Rules Of Reigning In The Entertainment World Forever...

Every star has a time of shining and a time of fading as the saying goes. So does every 'star' as we call our celebrities.
However some stars are different from other stars, they shine and keep on shining even when the law of physics or whatever thinks it shouldn't be so.

Since the inception of the entertainment industry, there's been thousands of faces and talents. Some come and in a little while, they leave, delving into others businesses.
We can't help but wonder if their initial move into Nollywood was just a stop over to help them in whatever areas they later choose in life.

Others stop being relevant due to several other circumstances. One important thing to note is that when the audience does not love you, there's nothing you can do about it, you can try, but you can't win.

Success in the entertainment industry can be attributed mostly to success with the public. The moment you are accepted by a large percent of the public, you won't be a star that fades but a star that shines on.

One important thing to note is humility. A humble celebrity has greater chances of ruling the industry than an aloof and a proud star. Most times we don't get to meet them, but even their stances on the social media describes them to us without ceremony. A three word caption, a single phrased response; and we can tell who this celebrity really is under the facade of stardom.

Diversity... One thing a celebrity that wants to last long in this industry should note is that, a stereotype star, who is scared of delving into other areas of the industry, either in acting or music is more likely going to loose relevance than an entertainer who is all round. He can be a robber convincingly, he can be a lunatic and make you believe he is insane, he can be a lover and make you fall in love! That is one actor that will last even when recession drops others behind.

Social Media relevance... We are in an age where everything happens on the social media. Due to the fact that we really might never get to meet all these celebs, we are brought closer to them through the various social medias. Your followers are not ghosts, they are the public, the people who watch and listen to you, this is the only avenue you have to let them know you. 

A celebrity who is not so active on social media is less likely to succeed in this trade of stardom.
Even the oldies of Nollywood are finding their ways to the social media world. They have probably heard that it happens there.
Pictures, captions, freebies, engagements: the public love these, they'll stay on your page forever and you'll stay relevant too.

Only few entertainers can boast of winning in all these areas...
If you are a star and you are sure you scale through these simple rules, bravo. However if you are wanting, you can help yourself!

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