Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stop Paying Tithe, Be Like Linda Ikeji - Freeze To Nigerians

Following the latest achievement of Africa's No 1 blogger Linda Ikeji, controversial Cool FM presenter Daddy Freeze has given his two cent on the matter.
The news of Linda's new acquisition was broken yesterday after her brother shared the news of Linda's new Range Rover on the social media.
According to facts and research, the 2016 automobile was placed at about N70million. This Daddy freeze says is not the work or result of paying tithe to any 'yahoo boy' pastor but a result of hard work.
In his statement, Freeze attributes Linda's great success even in the recession to hard work and philanthropy. He comments that the commandment of tithe was to the Jews and Levite's not for Christians or pastors.
Hence, he admonishes us all to stop paying tithes if we want to be as successful as LIB!


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