Friday, December 30, 2016

This Wedding Dress Will Mesmerize You! See Photos...

Many things would have been the thrill of Dotun's marriage to Kazeem in Dubai. It was a very lavish wedding amongst other things, but one thing stood out and left everyone in awe; the wedding dress!

Have you ever seen a dress that weighed a whooping 100kg?
A dress that had over a dozen people working on the details even as the bride tried it on?

Pretty sure you haven't!
Dotun's wedding gown is just so mesmerizing for those who love bourgeois details.

According to the planner of the wedding Deola of 2706 events, the bride said to her "If you see my wedding dress you'll cry".

Apparently, she wasn't joking!
The dress is a couture dress from JayCyKay Bridals in Dubai and would definitely have cost an arm and a leg!

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