Thursday, December 1, 2016

Top 7 Nigerian Celebrity Guy That Ladies Should Flee From...

They are rich, they are good looking, they are talented and they are famous too. They have more female fans than male fans. Their female fans have come 0ut severally to profess love to many of them. Ladies would kill to have them in their lives.

All seven of them are eligible and unmarried, they have hidden so well from marriage that bachelorhood has become their middle name. In no particular order, let's look at these 7 'undatable' Nigerian celebrity.

  1. Bryan Okwara: One time Mr. Nigeria, a very good looking model who knows his own worth. Bryan Okwara has diversified into Nollywood and worked his way into may romance scenes. He is one of the best lip lockers in the industry these days. Bryan is so smart that it is almost impossible to attach him to any lady. His last public relationship was his affair with fellow model Bunmi Ademokoya. Bryan's angelic good look is a direct opposite of the man himself. Underneath all the facade of calmness, Bryan is one hot nigga that can be called a Yoruba Demon even though he is not even remotely Yoruba. For ladies who are wishing on stars every month for Bryan to look their ways, think again, do you really want the burden that comes with dating someone that 'angelic'? We know that this bachelor would defini9tely settle down one day, but we don't see it happening tomorrow.
  2. Maje Ayida: Hmmm... we don't even know where to start. A whole book of 14 chapters was written on this topic, so it would just be useless repeating the same thing. This man dated two women at the same time for over a decade, gave one the ring and gave the other a baby. Note that we know those two women, there could be others we have not heard of. Need we say more? Dear ladies, his six packs thrill you? His piercing look gives you goose bumps? You wish he could hold you in his strong arms? Think again...think again!
  3. Don Jazzy: Its Don Jazzy again! This is one confirmed bachelor... His confirmation has a certificate. This man is waiting for a voice from heaven to whisper a lady's name into his ears and some girls are forcing themselves into his dreams. What if the voice mentions a Sierra Leone lady? This talented producer is still busy making money and hits; he has no time for women right now. So until he meets the Adaobi that would take his name, dear sisters look elsewhere if you don't want your hear in pieces. Don't let the humor fool you...
  4. Uti Awachukwu: Model, actor, presenter, fine boy and not forget that he has some cash to spare too. This makes him a potential heart breaker. So, dear lady, do you love your sanity? Is your heart important to you? Do you want to live a long unwrinkled life? Purge yourself of your infatuation with Sir Uti. Have you ever looked closely into his eyes? Then you should have seen what I mean... a word is enough for the wise.
  5. Tekno: His popular cassava has endeared him to many young ladies. The young man however has his eyes fixed on an almost unattainable goal in the name of Genevieve Nnaji. Do you know the implication of this, many hearts will go down in punishment while he pursues his greatest desire. Put also into consideration that he has a very influential cassava, he has to explore. So think twice before you fall.
  6. M. I. Abaga: Ordinarily, this firecracker of a wrapper would not make this list, but as it is M.I himself applied to be registered in this wonderful list of celeb demons. M. I while showing support for Toke Makinwa revealed to every living being on Twitter that he is a 'serial cheater'. Who would have thought that apart from serially creating lyrics, the rapper is also good at serially creating tears on the face of his girlfriends? This is quite hard to say, but as someone who has the love of women at heart, I have to say: Dear ladies, do not fall in love with M. I. If you have fall out!
  7. Flavour N'Abania: "Better soup na money kill am..." he said it himself. How can you even open your eyes now and say it is Mr. Flavour you want to date? How? Why? Where? When? As how? Forgive my passion but the facts are glaring that this abs flaunting talent is a no go area! In fact, names will not be mentioned, we love secrecy...(well, we do) But the truth is we all know that apart from the fact that he has two kids from two different women, probably has another in the oven and the fact that he loves locking lips here and there, Flavour has confessed that marriage is not on his to-do list. So why would you as a lady put you mental safety in jeopardy by falling for him. Please don't, don't...I beg you, don't.
That's it. A word is enough for the wise.

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