Thursday, December 1, 2016

Two Beauty Queens After Flavour's Heart: Who Wears The Tiara?

Some call it a trend, some call it a syndrome and many believe it is the new happening thing. It is called the Baby Mama syndrome.

Only few male entertainers can beat their chest that they have no baby mama or a love child.

They can only compare and contrast their women, the number of their baby mamas and their beauty.

One entertainer who carefully selected his baby mamas is highlife singer Flavour N'Abania.
The mothers of his children are not just pretty, they are drop dead gorgeous.

This is not surprising as they are both models.

Anna Banner is a former beauty queen who reigned between 2013 and 2014. She is young, having a baby has had no negative body changing effect on this young woman, in fact it brought out the glow in her. Apart from the fact that she had to drop out of school, Anna is a gorgeous queen that could catch a woman's heart and hold it forever in her grips.
She just couldn't hold that of Mr. Flavor.

Sandra Okagbue is also a drop dead gorgeous woman. Older than Anna but as delectable, a model and a beauty queen .
Sandra is not just stunning, it is confirmed that she is a quite intelligent lady. She is a good cover girl anytime any day. Her piercing good looks will make a man fall at her feet in obeisance, yet flavour has not fallen. Well, he fell once or maybe twice (according to rumours)

What we love about these women is the fact that they know how to compete with pictures.

Question is if these two queens cannot tame Mr. Flavour, who can?
Maybe she's still in Enugu...

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