Saturday, January 28, 2017

Abuja Big Girl And Friend Go Missing Hours To Birthday Party In Abuja...

A certain Abuja big girl Veronica Otogo and Her friend Bisola Mohammed have been declared missing in Abuja yesterday which was Vero's birthday celebration.

According to a friend of Vero who broadcaster the news, Veronica and Her friend had gone to a certain Cake shop to get cakes and ice cream for the birthday party and failed to return.
Efforts to reach both girls, Vero and Bisola on their phones have been futile as all phones have been switched off. 
The two ladies have not been found and no clue as to whether they have fallen victim of kidnap. 
Abuja is quite notorious for harbouring kidnappers who stay under the guise of Taxi drivers... 
Hopefully, the young ladies are safe. 

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