Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Black Face’s Beef For Tuface Idibia Is Stronger than We Thought…

Hypertek boss Innocent Idibia is facing the heat for volunteering to lead a massive nationwide protest come February 5, a move that many other celebrities have endorsed.

 The first viral heat came when a University tutor attacked him publicly on Facebook, calling him an illiterate who knows nothing but how to sleep around without condoms.

While the legendary singer was still recoiling from the harsh opinion of the Professor, his long time friend turned enemy Blackface came up with another backlash which he obviously did not write but gladly supported and endorsed enough to post on his social media platforms.

Blackface shared a post written by one Dr. Bunmi titled, Let Us Educate The Illiterate. The former Plantation boys group mate already got the backlash he deserved according to many. However his post opened our eyes to a strong beef we never knew existed between the two singers.

According to Ruggedman who responded to Black face’s post, even though the singer did not write the post, sharing it meant he also thought of Tuface as a fool and an illiterate.

Thinking deeply, its hard to come to a conclusion on the cause of strong dislike, but it is obvious. Could it be the old time beef of ‘African Queen’ lyrics? Or is Mr. Black face mad at his friend’s success. We can only imagine but the singer is in the best position to enlighten us.


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