Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bobrisky's NASA Admirer Could Be A Ruse To Flood Our Timelines With His Hydroquinon Face...

These are my reasons. Bobrisky is one guy who loves attention and who would do anything to get it.
He lies about a lot of things, ranging from a supposed rich 'bae' to first class flights only for folks to spot him in rickety cars and struggling for rear seats in economy class flights.

Yet he maintains he is living a life of affluence and fame.
Well, at least one thing is popular about the self acclaimed king of snaps: his hydroquinon and painted face.

In another bid to draw attention to his penciled brows, I think he went as far as sending Joro Olumofin  a mail.
Yes,  he could be behind that letter you know.
It reeks of him and has his handwriting.
From the incoherent and jam-packed expressions to the 'waste-whine'.

I may be wrong,  but something  tells me there's no NASA officer in love with this attention seeker just another ruse to flood our timeline with his Jerry curls.

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