Friday, January 27, 2017

Check Out Linda Ikeji's First Blog Post 10Years Ago...'Error-full' And Inspiring.!

Linda Ikeji is no doubt Africa's number 1 blogger, this status also comes with being the richest.
But the Blogger did not start big, neither did she start rich,  in fact she was inspired to begin blogging by BellaNaija's blog.

Today, Linda is a household name and an authority in the blogosphere.
Stumbling on this her first post...
I discovered not just the errors of that post, but the reason behind them.

The young woman on that keyboard was excited to be sending a message to people.
She was impatient to hit the publish button.
She was rushing to meet the target time... She probably just paid for 30 minutes in that cyber cafe!

How totally inspiring...
She finally hit the publish button and felt relieved,  fulfilled and happy to have done something different...
Ten years later,  she is a queen in her world. Kudos.


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