Monday, January 30, 2017

Come To New York In Winter And Wear Skirts! Film Maker Tells 'godly' Corper

US based film maker and producer Daniel Ademinokan has reacted angrily to the viral photo of a female Corper in oversized skirts who claims it is unrighteous for female Corper to wear the provided trousers. 

The picture went viral this morning after it was shared by a preacher who used the girl as a model for decent dressing for the women. 
According to the preacher many follow the crowd to do what is wrong and unacceptable before God. Siting the Corper's uniform as an example of a very decent dressing. 
Daniel Ademinokan did not find this funny as he commented that it is pure foolishness and misinterpretation of the Bible to say that all women who wear trousers will perish in hell. 
He mentioned satirically that no one would advise the model Corper to throw her skirts away when attacked by blizzards in a city like New York. 
Daniel who was once married to Nollywood actress Doris Simeon before his marriage to another Nollywood diva Stella Damascus believes that ignorance is the only reason for such teachings. 
He admonished her to go study her Bible properly. 

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